Regupol tratan Leichtathletikboden

The Regupol tartan® athletics surface at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Gothenburg was praised by the athletes and organisers alike.

regugym climb

The safety flooring regugym climb serves in this climbing hall to reduce the injuries incurred in climbing sport. With these floorings, BSW has set new standards.

Regufoam in the Wisseloord Studios

The internationally renowned Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands, have been isolated against vibrations with Regufoam®.

Fall protection tiles regupol

Regupol® safety tiles guarantee security on playgrounds. They are certified, resilient and easy to install.

Sports flooring-regugym

The spot-elastic sports flooring regugym® will fulfil its function for decades in this sports hall. regugym® stands out on account of its extraordinary resilience.

Fall protection-playfix

Fall protection playfix® in the "jewellery box of Empress Augusta", a play area which is part of the German Garden Show in Coblenz.

Judo mats-karate

Whether Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, or other martial arts. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of martial arts mats, BSW supplies martial arts centres and international championships.

Safety flooring-regupol

Regupol® safety floor coverings are installed as protection against stray bullets in numerous shooting galleries used by security forces around the world.

Everroll-fitness flooring-physiotherapy

everroll®, the elastic fitness flooring, is one of the best-selling floor coverings for gyms, physiotherapy practices and other sports facilities.

Pavement slabs-flat roof

Regupol® roof and pavement slabs are elastic and light, their edges do not damage roof seals. Since they are slow-burning, they are considered "hard roofing".


Sprinter Usain Bolt ran his world records on the blue Regupol® running track in the Olympic stadium in Berlin. Regupol tartan® polymer tracks are laid in many sporting facilities around the world.

Regupol-non-slip mats-practical test

Regupol® non-slip mats are tested again and again in practice-based test series. They are some of the highest quality friction-increasing bases for transport fabrics, not only on account of their reliable coefficient of sliding friction.

Anti-slip Mats for securing loads

Logo sport scaping Regupol® anti-slip mats are a reliable and indispensable component for professional load securing. For many years they have been used successfully in any professional transport.

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Regupol tartan® tracks

Usain Bolt on Regupol tartan Regupol tartan® for sports stadiums, school sports grounds and athletics halls. Broadcast and poured coatings, cast floorings. Reliable sports and protective function.

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BSW flooring designer

BSW flooring designer With the BSW flooring designer you can create an individual flooring design and add it to already existing illustrations. You get a realistic impression of your colour combination.

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