Recoflex® - the latest material developed by BSW


   Recoflex® is an innovative elastic particle board from BSW.
   Recoflex® is a combination of wood, cork, latex and polyurethane
   binders. Although consisting essentially of other materials, the structure
   of Recoflex® is similar to that of BSW’s brand material Recoflex®. The combination of wood and elastomers has created a material whose elastic and strength properties open up interesting areas of application. Recoflex® is ideal for manufacturing rounded moulding parts for the furniture industry and also for use in flooring systems.

Up to now, BSW has produced Recoflex® in two bulk densities according to the specific focal application. Thanks to its material structure, Recoflex® can also be given a spherical or 3D form, resulting in extreme cases in semi-global shapes.

Material Properties

Custom modification of Recoflex® refers not only to the binders but also to bulk density, further processing and other additives. The development of a Recoflex® variation can focus on various material properties:

• Material density   
• Elasticity
• Stiffness
• Resilience
• Force reduction

• Compression set module   
• Compression hardness
• Shock absorption
• Tensile strength
• Dimensional stability

• Ultimate elongation
• Propagation elongation   
• Dimensioning
• Shaping
• Colouring

• Lamination
• Residual compression
• Static permanent load
• Load peaks
• Antimicrobial properties
• Impact sound improvement


– Rounded, lightweight moulded parts for furniture production, interior fittings, exhibition construction
– Porous fillers for elements and surfaces used in airborne sound insulation
– Impact sound insulation in flooring systems
– Elastic components in sports surfaces and floors
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