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Regupol® EPDM

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Regupol EPDM

Regupol® EPDM is the fast flooring for speedy boys and girls. Regupol® EPDM provides not only a near identical ball bounce as asphalt but it also reduces the impact noise of balls. Installed in cool colours, Regupol® EPDM creates a perfect streetball area and leaves nothing to be desired.

Regupol® EPDM can be installed easily and cost-effectively on small surfaces, it can also be removed easily. Regupol® EPDM is the ideal sports flooring for all kinds of fun sports outside of grand, complex sports facilities.

Layer Model Regupol® EPDM

Layer Model Regupol® EPDM

1) EPDM wear layer made of PUR-bonded rubber granules, prefabricated
2) Adhesive application
3) Asphalt base on compacted stone bed