Multi-Use Game and Sport Surface Regupol® EPDM

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Multipurpose Game Court Regupol EPDM / EPDM IS

Regupol® EPDM is the fast flooring for speedy boys and girls. Regupol® EPDM provides not only a near identical ball bounce as asphalt but it also reduces the impact noise of balls. Installed in cool colours, Regupol® EPDM creates a perfect streetball area and leaves nothing to be desired.

Regupol® EPDM can be installed easily and cheaply on small surfaces, it can also be removed easily. Regupol® EPDM is the ideal sports flooring for all kinds of fun sports outside of grand, complex sports facilities.

Layer Model Regupol® EPDM Multi-Use Game and Sport Surface

Layer Model Regupol EPDM

   1 EPDM wear layer made of PUR-bonded rubber granules
   2 Adhesive Application
   3 Asphalt base on compacted stone bed



Complete Installation
BSW produces the complete athletics track, starting with the sub-base, via the structural layer through to applying the lines after completion.

All Accessories
Track edge markings, take-off boards, pole-vault boxes, hurdles, starting blocks, bars and landing mats, etc. are of course also included in our range, as well as including professional installation.

Retopping and Refurbishment
BSW refurbishes your athletics track, regardless of whether it need simple retopping, repairs of individual sections or complete new installation.

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