Regupol® Tools for Securing Loads

Regupol® squared timbers are friction-increasing surfaces used for securing all kinds of general cargo that cannot be palletised and that are loaded by forklift truck or crane. The squared timbers act as spacers for positioning the forks or crane clamps when loading and unloading.
Areas of application
Under precast concrete parts, loose pipes, pipe packages, steel girders, reinforcing steel mesh and other general cargo that cannot be palletised.
Regupol® webbing protectors fulfil their function of improving the security of loads at almost all angles for the upper edges of the load. They largely prevent premature wear and tear or damage to the lash during the journey. Their non-slip underside, made of Regupol® anti-slip mats, fixes the webbing protectors in the intended position, while at the same time, their smooth upper side distributes the lashing capacities of the belt. Regupol® webbing protectors are flexible and inexpensive.
Areas of application
To support the securing of all loads that have sharp edges and angles.