Regupol® Antislip Mats for Securing Loads

Regupol® 7210 LS plus is BSW's best-selling antislip mat. Offering good value for money, the antislip mats are suitable for most average transports. Regupol® 7210 LS plus has proven its worth for many years and is used as the standard friction-increasing surface by many transport companies and shipping agents today.
Areas of application
250 t/m² = 2.50 N/mm² when 8 mm thick.
Regupol® 9510 RHS plus can take higher loads than Regupol® 7210 LS plus. The maximum loading of the antislip mats is 3.0 N/mm². It is used in many areas where conventional antislip mats based on SBR/NBR are not appropriate because of possible black discolouring.
Areas of application
300 t/m² = 3.0 N/mm² when 8 mm thick.
Regupol® 1000 LSE is a premium product. The antislip mats are suitable for loading of up to 6.30 N/mm² and thus for heavy transports. In a widespread trial, the winter suitability of various antislip mats was tested by the TUL-LOG Institute Dresden in the BASt Federal Highway Research Institute.
Areas of application
630 t/m² = 6.30 N/mm² when 8 mm thick.