Assurance during traffic checks

Testing the material combination

Every material combination, i.e. floor, anti-slip mat and the load resting on it, generates other sliding friction coefficients with a friction-increasing surface. Regupol® Anti-Slip Mat values are available for common material combinations. Furthermore, using a laboratory test, we offer to determine the sliding friction coefficients of the Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats seceted by clients in other material combinations.


Regupol® easy LaSi Card

The Regupol® easy LaSi card calculates two methods for securing stable loading units with Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats:

  • The tie-down lashing procedure
  • The diagonal lashing procedure

With just a few manipulations, the number or traction of lashing belts required can be recorded quickly and straightforwardly. Moreover, the Regupol® easy LaSi is fitted with a lashing protractor so that it is also easy to identify the angle of the lashing belt. Structured graphs summarising the maximum loading for Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats help determine the optimum size and thickness to be applied for the best possible securing of the load. The handy format and simple description means you can take the card with you anywhere and it can be used independently by anyone.


Product Pass

On request, BSW sends all customers the Product Passes fpr Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats. They verify that the used anti-slip mats are genuine (coour quality mode) and indicate the main technical details. The driver should keep the Product Pass in the vehicle at all times and present it a any traffic checks.

The Product Passes can also be downloaded here.

In conjunction with the loading safety reports from Regupol® easy LaSi Software available at, any driver whose load is secured using Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats, has the documents to prove that all necessary securing measures have been met.

Usage instructions


BSW provides all customers with instructions for the correct use of Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats. Besides important general notes, they describe which criteria an measures are to be considered when selecting and using Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats. It also provides information on care and cleaning als well as technical data. You will find detailed usage instructions available to download here.