BSW sets up new subsidiary in the USA

As of now, Regupol Zebra Athletics LLC, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the new subsidiary of Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH (BSW) in the USA and will be operating as a trading company in those countries. Martial arts mats manufactured in Bad Berleburg are to be distributed and sold in Canada and the United States through this new affiliate.

Up to now these products have been sold under the brand name ZEBRA by Crescent Products, a long-standing partner. The age-related retirement of the company’s CEO led to the opportunity for BSW to acquire Crescent Products’ martial arts division and establish their own subsidiary. This is a strategy BSW is now pursuing to strengthen long-term ties with important trading partners. The Managing Director of Regupol Zebra Athletics is Kyle Fisher, former Vice President of Crescent Products. All other employees of the previous company have also been taken on by the new venture. 

For 20 years Crescent Products was one of BSW’s most important commercial partners and, with martial arts mats from Bad Berleburg, it developed into one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers in the martial arts sector over this period. The launch of Regupol Zebra Athletics has now given BSW a leading position in the market for equipping martial arts studios for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and traditional martial arts in Canada and the USA, where these sports are extremely popular. ZEBRA is a world famous brand and, under BSW, it will continue to be sold and its potential developed even further. The product portfolio not only includes sports mats but also additional equipment, such as punch bags and wall padding.

Regupol Zebra Athletics is meanwhile BSW’s sixth subsidiary and their second in the United States. Regupol Australia Pty Ltd. in 2002, Regupol Acoustics Middle East in 2014 and Regupol Schweiz AG in 2015 are also subsidiaries that resulted from former trading partners.

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