BSW extends contract with Usain Bolt for another 2 years

BSW GMBH, manufacturer of Regupol sports surfaces, has recently again extended the contract with Usain Bolt. Until October 2018 BSW shall advertise for their well-known, high quality sports with the Jamaican superstar.

Part of the agreement is that BSW shall maintain the track at the “University of the West Indies” (“UWI”) in Kingston/Jamaica. After Usain Bolt ran his furious, still undefeated world records in 100 m and 200 m on the Regupol track at the Berlin Olympic Stadium during the Athletic World Championships 2009, BSW had erected a Regupol track in Jamaica in spring 2010.

Peter Breuer, BSW’s Director of Export, visited Bolt and his fellow athletes around legendary coach Glen Mills of the “Racers Club of Jamaica” to get the new agreement on the way. “Bolt and his sprint-comrades as well as coach Glen are still enthusiastic about the quality of our track surface”, says Breuer. “In reality, even more than before, as the track does not change its physical properties at all! The track is still as elastic and user-friendly as it was 6 years ago!”

The daily training of the top athletes with their razor-blade-like spikes leaves wounds though. The extreme Caribbean climate is also a factor for wear. From time to time the “high stress areas” have to be patched. About once a year a BSW technician travels to Jamaica to carry out these repairs. By grinding down to the shock-pad and filling with a high quality Regupur polyurethane compound and EPDM granules, the patched areas cannot be distinguished in physical properties from the original. The heart of the track system, the Regupol shock pad, does not change its properties, even under these harsh conditions!

“That’s what coach Glen and his athletes love the most” says Breuer. “Equally perfect conditions over many years! Something like this the sprinters here did not know before! In former years, when they had to do their training on the concrete-hard track of another manufacturer, they were hesitant to go on that track! Coach Glen let them do speed training only once, maximum twice a week. Glen told me that the athletes back then constantly complained about joint and shin pain, even training injuries happened frequently! This was history when our Regupol track was completed in 2010. Glen lets the boys do speed training every day ever since. Usain said a while ago: 'This track has allowed us to do all the speed training required to perform on the big day…' Well, the unsurpassed success in Lon-don and now again in Rio speaks for itself”, he adds with a smile.


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