Fast track for Siegburg athletes

Siegburg’s Walter-Mundorf Stadium has just gone through a 1.4 million Euro refurbishment, which included the renewal of the worn-out old running track. The new surface is Regupol AG and it’s one of the most frequently installed running track surfaces from the North-Rhine Westphalia sports flooring manufacturers BSW, who are well known for their fast running tracks. Sprint legend Usain Bolt ran his world records on this surface in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. So now, the Siegburg athletes have the best possible training and competition conditions.

Regupol AG is the synthetic running track that meets the highest professional demands and has been laid in stadia and sports facilities the world over. The lower layer consists of prefabricated rolls, which are bonded to the asphalt on site. The EPDM granules on the wear layer are scattered onto liquid polyurethane to ensure a seamless sports surface. The benefit is that this surface is extremely homogenous; the synthetic material has precisely the same thickness throughout, providing uniform physical properties across the entire track.

"Such tracks are characterized by a good interaction between traction, stiffness and elasticity”, explains Dr. Steffen Willwacher from the Institute for Biomechanics at the German Sport University Cologne (DSHS).

"If the track then also has a good spring effect - meaning that as much as possible of the energy the athletes put into the track on impact is returned to them - the best times can be achieved", says Willwacher.

 According to the manufacturers, achieving the optimum balance between the values mentioned by Willwacher is the secret of the Regupol tracks, which are undoubtedly fast, yet comfortable to run on.

 The new track in the Walter-Mundorf Stadium has eight lanes, compared to its predecessor’s six. This now opens up the opportunity for clubs to host athletics events in the Siegburg arena. Local secondary schools’ sports lessons of also take place here. Besides the track, there are long jump and triple jump pits, shot putt, discuss and hammer circles, as well as high jump, pole vault and javelin facilities. 

The surrounding non-sport areas have a beige surface, creating a harmonious overall colour scheme with the red sports surfaces. Installation of a Regupol surface is a very fast and economical affair. The sports flooring manufacturers operate with their own highly trained and skilled fitters, who really know their trade. And after less than five weeks, Siegburg’s Walter-Mundorf Stadium had been fitted with its brand new sports surfaces.

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