Technical Details

Areas of useResidential: 22+ heavy use
Commercial: 33 normal use
Reaction to Fire in Accordance with EN 13501-1Cfl s1 difficult to ignite
VOC Emissions in Accordance with EN 13419< 1000 Ω g/m³ low emissions
Slipperiness Classification in Line with BGR 181Finish I and II = R9
Finish III and IV = R10 anti-slip
Castor Resistance in Accordance with EN 425Suitable for chair castors type W
Shore Hardness in Accordance with ISO 7619 > 75 Shore A
Abrasion Resistance in Accordance with ISO 4649, process A < 250 mm³
Colour Fastness to Artificial Light in Accordance with EN ISO 105-B02:2002 Level 7, excellent
Resistance to Burning Cigarettes in Accordance with EN 1399> Level 4 using process A
> Level 3 using process B
Resistance to Chemicals in Accordance with EN 423Good
Details on chemical resistance are available upon request.
Thermal Conductivity 0.10 W/mk
Suitable for underfloor heating
Suitability for Damp Environments Good
Details on chemical resistance are available upon request.
Impact Sound Insulation approx. 21 dB, depending on system construction
Stain ResistanceGood
Finish I and III: very good stain resistance
Finish II and IV: remove highly staining substances immediately
Ease of CleaningVery good
Please refer to our cleaning recommendations for detailed information about the ease of cleaning
Ease of Renovation and RepairVery good
Transparent and colour finishes are abraded and renewed. The rest of the floor construction remains untouched. Small areas of damage can be rectified using a repair kit.
Laying on Old SubsurfacesVery good
The old subsurface is fully sealed.