Health and Environmental Protection

Components of the productProperties
Recoflex® Impact Sound Protection and Elastic LayerThe Recoflex® impact sound insulation and elastic layer is made up of wood, cork, latex and solvent-free polyurethane. Recoflex® is kind to health, recyclable and conserves natural resources. For further information to this innovative material (developed by BSW), see the chapter Consumer Solutions Center.
decoelast® PUR Cover LayerThe 2 mm polyurethane cover layer used in the three decoelast® flooring systems is free of solvents and kind to health.
decoelast® PUR Colour Finish + Transparent CoatingThe polyurethane colour finish (Finish II), the PUR transparent coating (Finish I) and the variants Finish III and IV are 2-component, water-based, solvent-free and kind to health.
Adhesive for Gluing the Recoflex® Impact Sound Protection and Elastic Layer to the SubsurfaceSolvent-free, environmentally friendly dispersion adhesive or suitable alternatives, depending on the subsurface.
Removal + Disposaldecoelast® can be removed in the same way as an elastic flooring that has been glued in strips. Requirements for environmentally friendly disposal are set at the national level and approval must be obtained from the responsible authorities.