30 base colours + 30 decors = 900 possible combinations

The colours

Shell white
Shell white + G1
Cumulus + G2
Fjord + G3
Basalt + B1
Slate + G5
Ice blue
Ice blue + B1
Light indigo
Light indigo + B2
Remote blue
Remote blue + B3
Dark indigo
Dark indigo + B4
Sea blue
Sea blue + B5
Pale green
Pale green + GR3
Avocado + GR2
Grass green
Grass green + GR3
Blue spruce
Blue spruce + GR4
Beech green
Beech green + GR5
Birch white
Birch white + Y1
Red beige
Red beige + Y1
Dark beige
Dark beige + Y1
Resin yellow
Resin yellow + Y1
Pumpkin yellow
Pumpkin yellow + Y1
Brown beige
Brown beige + BR1
Pale brown
Pale brown + BR2
Spruce brown
Spruce brown + BR3
Hazelnut + BR4
Earth brown
Earth brown + BR5
Opal + R1
Matt rose
Matt rose + R2
Salmon red
Salmon red + R3
Brown orange
Brown orange + R4
Ruby + R5

The particle decors

Decor G1
G1 + shell white
Decor G2
G2 + cumulus
Decor G3
G3 + fjord
Decor G4
G4 + basalt
Decor G5
G5 + slate
Decor B1
B1 + ice blue
Decor B2
B2 + Light indigo
Decor B3
B3 + remote blue
Decor B4
B4 + dark indigo
Decor B5
B5 + sea blue
Decor GR1
GR1 + pale green
Decor GR2
GR2 + avocado
Decor GR3
GR3 + grass green
Decor GR4
GR4 + blue spruce
Decor GR5
GR5 + beech green
Decor Y1
Y1 + birch white
Decor Y2
Y2 + red beige
Decor Y3
Y3 + dark beige
Decor Y4
Y4 + resin yellow
Decor Y5
Y5 + pumpkin yellow
Decor BR1
BR1 + brown beige
Decor BR2
BR2 + pale brown
Decor BR3
BR3 + spruce brown
Decor BR4
BR4 + hazelnut
Decor BR5
BR5 + earth brown
Decor R1
R1 + opal
Decor R2
R2 + matt rose
Decor R3
R3 + salmon red
Decor R4
BR4 + brown orange
Decor R5
R5 + ruby

myway: design your own decoelast®

  • 30 base colours + 30 decors = 900 possible combinations
  • Combine the basic colour with the corresponding particle decors.
    These are the combinations we suggest.
  • These are the colour combinations we suggest.
  • You can obtain further colour combinations by combining every base colour with every particle decor.
  • In your enquiry, please state the name for your base colour + your decor number.
  • To help you in your decision-making process, we will send you a product sample produced exclusively for you.
  • Simply send us the myway order form. Simply tick your chosen base colour and your decor.
  • Click here for the order form: you can print it out, fill it in and send it back to us by fax.

We will charge €80 for the creation of a product sample of decoelast® myway. You will be credited with this amount in the event of an order.