Tested, Certified, Monitored

BSW works in accordance with certified and verified guidelines for quality, efficiency, safety and environmental protection. 

Logo Recoflex

The elastic and impact-sound-absorbent layer used in decoelast® is made from Recoflex®, a material developed by BSW in 2004. Recoflex® is used to create rounded molded products in the furniture industry, as well as for elastic components in
flooring construction.

Logo Regupol

If customers have specific requirements of decoelast® in terms of elasticity, we can also create elastic layers from the material Regupol®. Regupol® is a rubber based material from BSW. Regupol® is used throughout the world for both indoor and outdoor sports surfaces.

BSW materials are produced exclusivelyin Germany

Our materials are produced exclusively in Germany in state-of- the-art and safe manufacturing plants. Our employees are paid in line with industry-standard pay scales. Our safe workplaces, high level of motivation and state-of-the-art production techniques guarantee the highest level of quality.

Recoflex has been granted a Blue Angel mark

Recoflex®, the elastic layer used in decoelast® floors, is made primarily from natural raw materials, conserves natural resources and is kind to health. Recoflex® has been granted a Blue Angel mark for its environmental properties in line with RAL-UZ 76. Recoflex®, which was developed by BSW, has also received two environmental awards.