everroll® mycreation

Product Details

everroll® mycreation creates countless opportunities for creating your own individual flooring design: 25 colours, each in two different particle sizes in almost any desired combination.
This services are provided upon an agreement for orders in excess of a minimum order quantity.

BSW flooring designer - Colour scheme
everroll mycreation - example inlays, water-jet cutting

BSW flooring designer

With the BSW flooring designer you can create an individual flooring design and add it to already existing illustrations. You get a realistic impression of your colour combination.

Note: Annex XVII Entry 50 REACH contains the requirements for floor surfaces which are available to the general public. From our product range, everroll® uni, stone and xtreme in the form of rolls and tiles comply with these requirements. We would therefore ask you to check whether the installation project you are planning conforms to currently valid building regulations.

Inlays, Water-Jet Cut

everroll® mycreation also includes pattered designs in addition to colours. Water-jet cut inlays can be used to create tile patterns, logos, route markers or lettering. The possibilities are manifold. The everroll® colours designs have been selected to fit together in perfect harmony (see colour chart.)

BSW creates individually tailored chessboard patterns, geometric designs (squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles, ellipses) and contoured graphics (no colour gradients) that are suitable for installation by expert floor fitters. Of course, these cut patterns can also be combined with the everroll® mycreation colour range to create unique floors with layouts or graphics that exactly meet your functional or creative requirements.

This service is provided upon an agreement for orders of a minimum order quantity.