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The everroll® EL plates combine a high-quality appearance with an exceptional walking feel. PUR-bonded rubber fibres are used to create an elastic underside, which compress as the surface is stepped on to minimise slipping. The top surface of everroll® EL consists of coloured EPDM granules and is available in three standard finishes. Bespoke colour options are available on request. The everroll® EL plates can easily be cut to size, allowing the product to be adapted to suit the designated floor space when being deployed indoors. The product also provides acoustic absorption of surrounding and direct impact noise.

MaterialBase layer: PUR-bonded rubber granulate / fibres on a rubber base.
Upper layer: PUR-bonded rubber granulate on an EPDM basis
ImplementationDual-layer structure approx. 11 mm thick, featuring a condensed, highly loadable EPDM upper layer and a soft base layer. Underside features drainage channels, and edges feature anchor holes. Dowel pins are recommended by the manufacturer for connecting the plates.
Each plate has a fake joint along the centre of the longitudinal side.
Colours3 finishes available (bespoke colours upon request)
Anti-slip resistanceAnti-slip resistance R9 / R10 in accordance with BGR 181 depending on design.
InstallationThe product can be installed on concrete, asphalt, a condensed gravel bed or an even foundation. The plates can be connected together using the provided anchor pins or glued together if required.
Dimensions 1,000 x 500 x 30 mm
Tolerances: Length/width ± 1 %, Thickness ± 2 mm
Weightapprox. 23 in kg/m²
Fire behaviourEfl according to DIN EN 13501-1 (Cfl-s1 according to DIN EN 13501-1 upon request)


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Click on a sample image to view the colour variant.

The colours in the illustrations may differ from the original for technical reasons. Your buying decision should therefore be considered only after viewing an original sample. Request your sample from BSW today by contacting our experts. Minor colour deviations between different production batches cannot always be avoided. Normally, all floorings of identical colour and pattern will be delivered from the same production run.

Annex XVII Entry 50 REACH contains requirements for articles accessible for the general public. We therefore ask our customers to check whether the intended use of products bought from us complied with this legislation. 

Information regarding newly installed plates (when laying outdoors): After the installation of everroll® EL plates, a slight wax discolouration may temporarily occur. This discolouration quickly disappears when the product is subjected to natural weather conditions. The wax is used in the manufacturing process of the plates and once the wax is removed the colours will appear in full luminosity. The colour options of everroll® EL plates are created using a specific manufacturing method and can only be obtained from BSW. Our plates are manufactured using specially selected and certified products. Due to the manual production process, colour deviations and/or different distributions of the various granulates use may occur. To ensure consistency we recommended that the full amount of product is selected and collected at the same time. BSW can also apply extra UV protection upon request. Please enquire for more information.