The new surface finish edition 4.0

No light reflections, brilliant colours

Surface Finish
everroll performance flooring with surfache finish
everroll edition 4.0 shows no light reflections
Close-up view: Test installation everroll® classic with and without the edition 4.0 surface finish

No gloss effects only, - sharp colours - BSW introduces the new edition 4.0 high definition surface finish. Strong backlighting from large windows and other sources of intense light no longer impair the perception of colours of everroll®. No matter what the lighting situation, everroll® shows its true colour.


  • Clean, uninterrupted floor colours
  • Superior appearance: the colours are retained in all lighting conditions
  • No light reflections
  • Aids its use in sports facilities through excellent visibility of floor markings

Test installation of everroll® compact

Left: everroll® classic with edition 4.0
Right: everroll® classic without edition 4.0

With backlighting:
In this test installation the colours of the two tracks are identical, they are clearly visible on the left-hand track, whereas the right-hand track is shiny.

Gloss level

The gloss level measurements of the new edition 4.0 surface speak for themselves. everroll® with the new edition 4.0 finish achieved the following values on a scale of 1 to 100 GU (gloss units):

ProductsGloss Units
everroll® classic Berlin0.3 GU
everroll® classic Palau0.3 GU
everroll® classic Mons0.1 GU
everroll® stone Mons0.1 GU
everroll® stone Island0.3 GU
everroll® xtreme LaDigue I0.0 GU
everroll® xtreme LaDigue V0.1 GU

These GU values are at the lower end of the measurement range.