Regupol® drain plus

MaterialPUR-bonded rubber granules and fibres (rough); fleece lamination
Weight per unitapprox. 7.5 kg/m²
Low-Temperature Stabilityto –40 °C
Thermostabilityto +90 °C
Tensile Strengthunder tensile load σR = 0.83 N/mm², in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1798
Elongation at BreakYR = 40%, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1798
Compression Stressat 25% deformation 0.40 N/mm², DIN EN ISO 3386/2
Reaction to Fire ClassificationE in line with DIN EN 13501-1
Protective layeraccording to the norm DIN 18531
Drainage CapacityBecause of its material structure Regupol® drain plus can drain large quantities of water in the horizontal plane even under load. The exact quantities can be obtained from the table below.
compressionunitmean value X
Drainage capacity
hydraulic gradient
Test direction CMD 1.275 kPal/m s0,0562