Regupol® resist 9510

Product details

Regupol® resist 9510

In comparison to protective screed and concrete, Regupol® resist 9510 possesses clear technical, physical and financial advantages. It is easy to install and can be otimally bonded ti any kind of sub-bases by means of hot bitumen, special adhesives and plastic adhesives. The material is virtually odourless in terrace with open joints.

Delivery Format

Standard width rolls, 1,250 m

Delivery FormatThickness in mmLength
on euro pallet610 r. m.
on euro pallet88 r. m.
on euro pallet106 r. m.

Other sizes and thicknesses on request.

Application Areas

Flat Roofs: under gravel, flower pots, slab paving, roof, plantings, etc.
Terrace and Balconies: under concrete slabs, (wooden) tiles, etc.
Parking Decks: under concrete or bituminous surfacing
Inverted Roofs: under gravel, slab paving, raised floors, etc.
Building Construction and Civil Engineering: for concrete construction, bridge construction, covered parking decks, underground car parks, head race tunnels, tunnel constructions, avalanche galleries, bunkers, hangars, ammunition dumps
Pipelines Construction: for covering of dome-shaped cuts and pipelines made of concrete, metal or synthetic material
Modular Houses and Constructions of Pre-assembled Units: for partition walls, soundproofing sandwich elements and doors (soundproffing)
Air Duct Construction: as soundproofing material for the outer lining of ducts made of steet metal, asbestos cement, synthetics, etc.
Membrane: for protection of bituminous waterproof sheeting, synthetic sheeting
Insulating Materials: to protect insulation materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane, glass and mineral fibres, etc.