Regupol® resist

Technical Details

MaterialPUR-bonded rubber fibres and granules
Weight per unitapprox. 6 kg/m² at 8 mm thickness
Low-Temperature Stabilityto –40 °C
Thermostabilityto +120 °C
When installing under bituminous base course/hot bitumen, please keep the linear thermal expansion coefficient in mind (for further information please feel free to contact BSW).
Tensile Strengthunder tensile load σR = 0.50 N/mm², in accordane with DIN EN ISO 1798
Elongation at BreakYR = 45%, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1798
Compression Stressat 25% deformation 0.55 N/mm², DIN EN ISO 3386/2
Thermal Conductivitycalculation value = 0.14 W/mK
Reaction to Fire ClassificationE in line with DIN EN 13501-1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionapprox. 23.1 x 10-5 / °C
Migration of PlasticisersInstallation on membranes which are not rubber-compatible may cause migration of plasticisers. Please use Regupol® resist solar AK to avoid migration of plasticisers.
Resistance to water vapour diffusion factor μ21.6, (Water vapour diffusion equivalent air layer thickness sd: 0.21 m)
Protective layeraccording to the norm DIN 18531