Important notes

regugym® climb has been developed for the special needs of climbing sport, with a special focus on force reduction, elasticity and minimum deformation recess tendencies.

However, the specific application for this product, at climbing walls, also sees the use of devices or machines that can cause considerable damage to the flooring. It is exposed to particularly high loads when lifting platforms and man lifts are driven over the surface. regugym® climb can withstand such loads to a certain extent.

The point loads generated by such vehicles or other heavy objects should not exceed the values (kg/cm²) stated in the production descriptions for each specific flooring system. Please ask the machine manufacturer for the exact data referring to your platform/man lift. Even if this compression force remains below the tolerable limits, steering movements when the vehicle is at a standstill can still cause considerable excessive loads.

For lifting platforms/man lifts, please note:

Avoid any rotation movements on the spot for both chain-driven and wheel-driven vehicles.

We cannot assume any liability for damage caused in this way.

The wide range of lifting gear available on the market can also generate other loads that exceed the resistance levels of the flooring system. For example, platforms that manage without added supports are fitted with counterweights that can generate huge flexion movements. Under certain circumstances, the elastic structure of regugym® climb will not be able to cope with these loads. In addition, pressure distributing underlays must be used in the working zone. Please contact us before using this kind of platform.

If the pressure load of the support slab is higher than the maximum value in our specification, this can be reduced easily using pressure distribution slabs. Support slabs and possibly pressure distribution slabs should be fitted with a soft underlay (e.g. needle felt or similar).

For every super-elastic flooring, please note:

Avoid constantly high point loads.

In other words, please do not park the platform on regugym® climb in between uses.

If working platforms/man lifts are used inside and outside, please always make sure that any foreign bodies (stones etc.) are removed from the tyre profiles, the chains and the rubber. These can cause scratches and damage that is not covered by the warranty. If possible, chains and wheels should consist of soft rubber and are usually available as an option from most manufacturers. Black chains/wheels can leave wear marks on the surface that are difficult to remove.

If damage should still be caused despite all due care and attention, please let us know straightaway so that we can work together to find a solution to rule out this problem in future and rectify the damage.