regugym® climb 45/30 PU

Technical Details

CompositionWear layer: approx. 2 mm polyurethane, seamless, with colour finish
1st elastic layer: 30 mm Variofoam® composite foam with higher density
for breaking falls and increase horizontal pressure distribution
2nd elastic layer: 45 mm Variofoam® composite foam with lesser density for breaking falls
Total thicknessapprox. 77 mm
Critical fall heightapprox. 2.80 m as per EN 1177 (HIC 1000)
Force reductionapprox. 73 %
Maximum caterpillar track load (rubber)approx. 1,5 kg/cm²
Maximum support slab loadapprox. 1,5 kg/cm², possibly use pressure distribution slab
Maximum rubber wheels loadapprox. 2,5 kg/cm²
Thermal conductivityλ ≈ 0,060 W/mK
not suitable for underfloor heating.
Heat transfer resistanceR ≈ 1,28 (m² K)/W
Reaction to fireCfl-s1 as per DIN EN 13501-1, classification report
No. 2011-B-0119/01, hardly inflammable


The wear layers of regugym® climb 40 PU and 45/30 PU consist of polyurethane and are given a colour finish. 16 basic colours are available together with a choice of 15 line colours. Different sections of the floor can be distinguished by using different colours. BSW flooring designer