BSW floorworks Sports Mats

Tread safely, land softly

Sportsmen prefer quality in view of their safety. Whether for wrestling, exercises or gymnastics, whether for professional, amateur or school sports – BSW floorworks offers a wide range of high-quality sports mats attuned to different kinds of sports. BSW developed the special consistence of the composite foam body and the fabric cover together with athletes, athletic equipment manufacturers and sports associations. Various thicknesses, densities, fabric covers and textures lend the sports mats the properties adapted to the requirements of each kind of sport. First-class workmanship and high-quality materials have made BSW floorworks sports and gymnastics mats a reliable partner for decades.

Often BSW floorworks sports mats are offered as private label products by specialist dealers. If required, BSW will also produces according to customers' specifications. Visit our Customer Solutions Center for more informations.

Single rolls and surfaces for floor exercises consist of multi-layer PE foam. The top surface of the sport mats is covered with a skin-friendly and hard-wearing velvet needle felt, whereas the underside is composed of slip-resistant foam. All materials are firmly bonded to each other by heat lamination. The mats stand out due to their low weight as well as constant stability.
Areas of application
For Floor Exercises, Gymnastics.
Mats for schools and gymnastics purposes are available in different densities. The foam core can be adapted according to individual requirements. The mats are supplied with a PVC fabric cover either on top, all around and in some cases on the underside.
Areas of application
For Schools, Fitness, Training, Therapy.
Dimensions and designs in line with international standards. The sports mats are applicable for both training and competition. The mats consist of a compound foam body, which is bound with brown artificial leather. The base is optionally laminated with a non-slip waffle synthetic material or needle felt.
Areas of application
Can be used for training and competition.
For walls, and any surface into which sportsmen might unintentionally crash. Available in various dimensions. Our Crash Protection Components consist of a shock-absorbing foam compound core, top and sides are covered with resilient artificial leather. Installation is achieved by gluing.
Areas of application
For Walls and any Surface into which People involved in Sport might unintentionally crash