Which side has to be laid facing downwards for Regupol® and Regufoam®?

Regupol® and Regufoam® BA are dimpled underneath. The dimpled side is always laid facing downwards. It is prohibited to install the products the other way round as this is detrimental to the impact sound insulation properties.

For impact sound insulation under heavy duty screed the insulation is installed in one layer unless stipulated otherwise.

The resilient bedding is only effective on compliance with certain regulations during installation. It is particularly important to ensure that there are no direct connections (structure-borne noise bridges) between the screed/floor system and the base plate or concrete ceiling and/or rising structures.

The insulation is installed on a clean floor. Protruding concrete edges and reinforcement structures must be cut away or removed. Concrete edges should not exceed 3 mm. The dimpled side is always laid facing downwards!

Firstly the perimeter insulation strips are adhered to all rising structures without leaving any gaps, at a height of at least 1 cm above the level of the finished floor. These strips can be cut from Regupol® / Regufoam® or mineral fibre perimeter insulation strips measuring at least 10 mm thick.

Regupol® / Regufoam® is then laid without leaving any gaps, with butt joints taped using suitable adhesive tape (e.g. Tesa® Duct-Tape).

Once it has been laid, Regupol® / Regufoam® is covered with commercially available PE membrane (0.2 mm). The membrane joints should overlap by approx. 20 cm and be taped down using suitable adhesive tape (see above). The membrane must overlap at the edges by at least 20 cm and is turned up at the rising structures.

Regupol® / Regufoam® is not sensitive to moisture, but should be stored in a dry condition and protected from getting wet. The material must also be protected from chemicals, oil and grease.

Always ensure that Regupol® / Regufoam® is used in accordance with the original technical data sheets, complying in particular with the static permanent load.