Areas of application

Safety surfacing in shops and restaurants

Shopping Centres

Modern shopping malls leave scarcely anything to be desired. Countless shops and restaurants ensure a positive shopping experience. And if any of the very young visitors are suddenly overcome with boredom, this can be remedied by an indoor playing area.

Safety surfacing for indoor facilities

Restaurants and catering

For families in particular, eating out can often have more to do with stress than enjoyment. Just as mother and father begin to enjoy their first mouthfuls, the little ones have already finished - and the last thing they want to do is sit still at the table. Lots of restaurants and catering outlets are now well aware of this phenomenon and meanwhile provide very welcome alternative activities in the form creative play areas to keep the kids happy before, during and after meals.

Safety surfacing for play areas


Safety and impact protection is just as important for indoor play areas as it is outdoors and the seamless indoor surface playfix® indoor from BSW is the ideal flooring for this task. This seamless safety flooring can be used throughout the entire retail sector and wherever else indoor play areas are provided.

Safety surfacing in indoor areas

The health sector

Clinics and hospitals are not usually among children’s favourite places. However, when they do have to go there, their stay should be made as pleasant as possible. This is most probably the aim of every hospital.

Safety surfacing play areas indoor


Shopping in exclusive boutiques and sitting in countless restaurants, cafes or snack bars at airports is a great temptation. But even here, passengers still have to solve one notorious travellers’ problem: waiting times. For families travelling with children, waiting at the check-in may well feel like an endless experience. Luckily modern airports now have ideal ways of making the dreaded waiting times fly...

Seamless safety flooring for indoor locations

Indoor theme parks and kindergartens

playfix® indoor, the safety flooring for indoor locations, is mostly used on playgrounds. However, kindergartens, too, are a major application area, because for all children, right up to pre-school age, play remains their most important activity. This includes building, doing puzzles, painting, role plays and lots of movement. Playing is children’s main way of coming to terms with and understanding the world they live in. A floor in a kindergarten, where there are children climbing or playing challenging movement games, has different demands to meet than a floor in a sports hall, for instance.