playfix® indoor 60 PU - indoor playground flooring

playfix® indoor 60 PU - indoor playground flooring

Product Details

Indoor play areas are currently enjoying increasing popularity. Conventional safety floors, however, are designed for outdoor use. Their porous surface structure is unsuited to the kind of floor cleaning required for indoor facilities.

With playfix® indoor, BSW has developed a flooring system that fulfils the impact protection requirements and also has a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface. playfix® indoor consists of composite foam sheets, seamlessly sealed with a liquid, quick-hardening PUR coating. With its 60 mm thick composite foam elastic layer, the playfix® indoor 60 PU version covers maximum fall heights of up to 2.10 metres. Its surface is extremely robust and durable, besides being slip-resistant and available in a wide range of colours. Adding logos, wording, lines and symbols is easy using our equally durable PUR paint.

MaterialWear layer: seamless polyurethane coating with coloured finish;
Elastic layer: Variofoam® made of PUR-bound composite foam plus a special fabric mesh
Fall protection propertiesCritical fall height: 2.10 metres in accordance with TÜV ­certificate no. Z2 13 04 10254 007, for an overall thickness of approx. 62 mm (other thicknesses available)
InstallationInstallation is carried out exclusively by BSW technicians

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The colours in the illustrations may differ from the original for technical reasons. Your buying decision should therefore be considered only after viewing an original sample. Request your sample from BSW today by contacting our experts. Minor colour deviations between different production batches cannot always be avoided. Normally, all floorings of identical colour and pattern will be delivered from the same production run.

Annex XVII Entry 50 REACH contains requirements for articles accessible for the general public. We therefore ask our customers to check whether the intended use of products bought from us complied with this legislation.