Product Properties

maximum safety - The basis of our work

Product properties

When selecting the flooring for play areas, safety should ­always be the first priority. With the certified safety floor ­playfix® indoor, BSW has given a clear commitment to safety. Believing in safety is not enough. It is something people should be able to rely on. That’s why playfix® indoor is certified in compliance with the DIN EN 1177:2008 standard for critical fall heights of up to 2.10 and 3.00 metres.

We want the safety of our flooring to be something you can rely on. For this reason, we have our product testing carried out by recognised institutions and have found the right partners for product certification in TÜV Süd (the German technical standards authority, southern region) and the ISP (Institute for Sports Facility Testing).

DIN EN 1177:2008 defines the process for testing a floor’s fall protection properties and sets the limit, up to which no serious injuries can be expected on impact. playfix® indoor is tested in accordance with this standard and fully complies with its requirements. The values that determines injury risk level, referred to as the Head Injury Criterion (HIC), must not be higher than 1,000. The fall protection value of playfix® indoor is TÜV and ISP certified. In addition, regular testing is carried out in our own laboratory to guarantee a permanently consistent level of quality. In doing so, we make sure that the required values are exceeded so that any special location-related features do not lead to problems.

custom Design – Bringing play areas to life

Product properties

One-coloured floors can found everywhere. However, if you want creative designs for your children’s play areas, this colour monotony is not enough. Create your own individual designs and lay the foundation for attractive, colourful play areas with eye-catching flooring. BSW’s playfix® indoor enables you to apply your own logos, images, wording and symbols. And to do so, you have a wide range of colours to choose from. Custom Design means you can choose your own specific decor, style and layout, which our skilled BSW technicians will then implement for you, according to your own wishes. 

Wording, patterns and shapes can be quickly applied with a template. You can look up the range of colours we offer for lines and templates in our Colour Selection.

Acoustic Function

Today, the indoor use of impact sound insulation is becoming more frequent, as footfall and impact sound is increasingly perceived as noise pollution and can also have an adverse effect on health. So, it’s at good thing that playfix® indoor not only covers aspects of safety and aesthetics, but also provides effective impact sound insulation. The impact sound reduction value of 30 dB was determined in accordance with DIN ISO 10 140 and has a very positive effect on indoor acoustics.

Fire Protection

For construction materials in buildings, their response to fire plays an important role. playfix® indoor is classified as a flame retardant floor material (Cfl-s1) in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1 and can therefore be used under fire prevention aspects without restriction.

Light Fastness

Set design accents with playfix® indoor. The range of colours gives your facility its own individual character. They appear bright and strong, even under the influence of light. In addition, they are extremely fade-resistant and don’t lose their original colour tone even after many years of use. 

Slip Resistance

There are many different reasons why children fall down while running, walking or playing. With playfix® indoor, the floor as a risk factor can be virtually ruled out. That’s because this safety floor’s PU surface has been certified by the Institute of Work Safety in accordance with DIN 51130 «R10» and consequently guarantees very good slip resistance.  

Easy to clean

Safety floor for outdoor areas have a major disadvantage when it comes to cleaning. Their porous and partly open surface structure allows residues to collect and become ingrained, making these surface unsuitable for installation in indoor facilities. In restaurants, clinics or hospitals and many other application areas, hygiene is a major requirement playfix® indoor has to meet – and that’s something BSW can guarantee with their “easy-to-clean” feature, because the floor’s wear layer is sealed with liquid polyurethane, which makes cleaning very easy.