Select the playfix® indoor decor you want and paste it into the appropriate room photos. This way, you can see the overall effect of your chosen decor in the room. 

Product sample

We will send you a sample of your product choice in the size 180 x 130 mm. Please use the contact form or just call us.

Application consulting

You know your construction project better than anyone else, that’s for sure. But there’s one aspect in which we’re probably one step ahead of you: and that’s our experience. Outdoor and indoor safety flooring has been the core of our product range for decades. In this time, we have installed hundreds of play areas in most countries of Europe and continued to improve and perfect our elastic floors along the way. That’s why we’re happy to assist and support you in your project from its conception and on-site planning right up to installation by our trained technicians. 

Fall protection tests

playfix® indoor are shock absorbing floors, tested and certified in accordance with currently valid standards. This is confirmed by our test results, which you can download from our website. On request, we will carry out a fall protection test on the floor at your facility, to give you confirmation of your playfix® indoor flooring’s fall protection qualities. The test results will refer exclusively to your facility.