keraflex® EL

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Keraflex® EL

Keraflex® EL balcony and terrace tiles are made of natural and synthetic rubber (EPDM). They are uniquely pleasant to walk on. The tiles are as soft as a forest floor, each step sinking in slightly. You can go barefoot on Keraflex® EL and relax. The material is pleasently warm. The panels are water permeable so that the surface dries quick after a downpour. The wear layer is slip-resistant.

Keraflex® EL - Balcony and Terrace tiles - System Structure

Installing Keraflex® EL balcony and terrace tiles
1) Coloured wear layer made of synthetic rubber | 2) Dummy joint | 3) Dowel hole | 4) Elastic layer made of natural rubber | 5) Drainage channels on the underside