keraflex® MC

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning of normal soilingSlightly soiled surfaces can be cleaned initially with a broom. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pores of the flooring. Remove any stubborn dirt by wiping the surface with a damp, lint-free cloth. Add an appropriate quantity of commercially available pH-neutral cleaning agent to the warm water. Wipe off with clear water.
Cleaning of severe soilingProceed as described above for severely soiled surfaces, without wiping off with clear water. Let the water with cleaning agent soak in for about 10 to 20 minutes. Then clean the whole surface using a scrubbing brush to loosen the dirt in the pores. Now wash the floor with clear water to remove the loosened dirt. Wet-vacuuming is ideal for this step.

Severely soiled surfaces can also be treated with a high-pressure cleaner. Here it is important to ensure that the maximum pressure does not exceed 40 bar, while holding the nozzle at least 20 cm away from the surface. Do not use a dirt cutter.
Cleaning of special soilingChewing gum: special chewing gum remover or icing spray
Emulsion and gloss paint: commercially available paint remover
Rust: rust neutralising agent

Apply all named special cleaners with great care.
Removing algae and mossPlanters etc. should not be left in one place all the time but moved around from time to time in order to avoid dirt rims, discolouring and the formation of algae and moss at that point.

Use commercially available cleaners to remove algae and moss. Proceed as for normal cleaning. Treat severe algae and moss accumulation by increasing the mixing ratio as recommended by the manufacturer. Once the concentrated solution has soaked in, you can treat the surface with a scrubbing brush.
Unsuitable cleaning agents and equipmentAll cleaning agents that leave a residue are unsuitable; this includes wax, solvents (acetone, nail polish remover), nitrocellulose thinners, bleach, scouring powder.

Unsuitable cleaning equipment includes sand, steel wool, sandpaper, wire brushes etc. When using special cleaners, please also comply with the manufacturer's instructions.