keraflex® MC

Installation instructions

Butt joining the
tiles together
Keraflex® EL balcony and terrace tiles are joined together using the supplied plug-in dowels, and also adhered if necessary. Most of the time, it is sufficient to join the tiles with plug-in dowels, thus reducing the installation time. Where the surface is suitable, it is better to adhere the tiles instead of using the plug-in dowels.
Fitting the tilesStart to fit the tiles at the house wall. First fit a row of tiles working across to the opposite side of the surface and adhere them where necessary or connect them with plug-in dowels. Fit the second row offset to the first one, which means that you begin with half a tile. We can cut tiles in half for you on request. Continue to fit the tiles as described. When using plug-in dowels, the tiles of the second row are connected together first. Then connect the second row to the first row step by step.
Fit the tiles tight togetherFit the tiles exactly in line. As far as possible, no gaps should be left between the tiles. Therefore apply considerable horizontal pressure when fitting the tiles. This prevents subsequent gap formation due to slight shrinkage of the material in time.
Avoiding tripping hazardsSpecial corner elements to avoid stumbling edges should be adhered to the tiles. This creates additional stability. Otherwise the special corner elements are fitted in exactly the same way as the tiles.
Cutting the tiles to sizeCut the tiles using a slow-speed, medium-tooth jigsaw with a wood blade, or a carpet knife cutting along a steel rail. This also applies to connections to banister feet, drainage points, other floor coverings, etc.
Adhering to suitable subfloorsThe necessary adhesive for adhering the tiles to a bonded surface is available from BSW. This is a two-component PU adhesive. The panels are adhered to bonded surfaces at nine adhesive spots on the underside of the tiles. The surface must be clean and dry and the outside temperature should be at least 5°C. Adhesive consumption rate: approx. 1 kg/m², depending on the surface.
Useful tipsIn addition to the plug-in dowel system, it is also advisable to adhere the peripheral panels to each other using one-component PU adhesive.
Adhesive consumption rate: 1 cartridge for approx. 4 m²,
Working temperature: from +5°C
Bead diameter: approx. 5-7 mm

There might be slight wax discolouring in the short-term to the surface after installation, but this soon disappears on exposure to the weather. The wax is used during the production on the tiles. Once the wax has disappeared, the panels show their full colour radiance.