keraflex® MC

Technical Details

Tile size1,000 x 500 x 27 mm per tile,
shadow center joint in the middle of the tile
Dimensional toleranceslenght/width: +/- 1 %
thickness: +/- 2 mm
Top layerbonded granules of synthetic and natural rubber
Bottom layerbonded natural rubber fibres
Tile sideswith dowel holes
(supplied with dowels to connect the panels)
Weightapprox. 25 kg/m²

The colours

This is just a small selection of the available colours. We will gladly show you the full range on request. Just ask us about it.

Technical Details
everroll® Classic Berlin
Technical Details
everroll® Classic Goa
Technical Details
everroll® Classic Mons I
everroll® Stone Berlin
everroll® Stone Berlin
Technical Details
everroll® Stone Mons
Technical Details

System structure keraflex®

  1. Keraflex® MC
  2. Balcony seal
  3. Dowel
  4. Old Balcony Surface