Adapted Force Reduction

BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats stand out with their various properties of firmness adapted to individual martial arts and performance levels. BSW achieves this with the corresponding density of the proprietary foam core, combined with the thickness of the mats and their fabric covers. In addition to the standard mats described here, BSW can also produce customised mats of every required softness or hardness.

Adapted Surface Textures

The fabric covers of BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats have differing surface textures developed according to the requirements of individual material arts techniques. The mats ensure secure footing for kicking techniques, prevent stumbling and slipping for throwing techniques and reduce the risk of mat burns for athletes who do not wear the traditional Gi (uniform). Special fabric covers durably withstand even the soles of combat boots, as for example in BSW combat, the mat for police, security services and the armed forces.

Secure and Firm Footing

BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats are laminated with a waffle rubber material. Small gaps in the material create suction between the material and the underlying surface and result in the mats hardly moving, even when exposed to strong vertical impacts. When laid in a tatami arrangement, they remain in place so well that they are even used by martial arts professionals in world championship bouts.

Fully Sealed

BSW tatami and MMA mats are sealed all round with manmade fabric covers and welded seams. This means that no moisture can damage the foam core. Variations with cotton covers are permanently glued.

Attractive Design

BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats are available with three fabric cover qualities in numerous colours. The range includes traditional colours for competition mats as well as current trends.

Long Service Life

BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats offer full functionality over many years, even under intensive use. When cleaned correctly, the colour-fast fabric cover retains its brilliant colour and does not fade. There is practically no wear to the highly abrasionproof surface. Even when subject to regular strong impacts, the foam core retains its elasticity and is not compacted. The surface remains smooth and flat without any hardening.