Floor Covering for Golf Facilities

Spike-resistant, long-lasting, elastic and resilient

Each kind of sports requires its own sports facility, equipment and accessories. Golf is no exception to that. BSW provides a wide range of various elastic and resistant floor coverings for the golf industry. Floor coverings in golf sports are exposed to high loads: shoes with spikes, caddies, golf clubs that pound the floor on the driving range make life tough for floorings. The spike shoes are particularly tough on the surface and will destroy most conventional flooring materials. The spikes themselves can wear off quickly if those are used on a blank concrete surface. Therefore, the floor material in a golf club must be cushioning, hard-wearing, slip-resistant and spikeresistant under indoor and outdoor conditions. BSW has developed many products with exactly these properties. These products have already been installed in hundreds of golf courses worldwide and have proven themselves for decades.

Regupol® Interlocking pavers are perfectly suitable for all outdoor areas and paths where people are walking and driving on, especially for driving ranges and walkways. The compact pavers are easy to interconnect and can be combined with concrete pavers due to their shape and measurements. They are extremely resilient and durable even under tough conditions, including spike penetration and vehicle traffic. Beginners and half pieces are available for the perimeter of an installation.
Areas of application
Driving Ranges and Walkways.
Regupol® Elastic tiles are equally resistant against spike traffic, similar to the whole portfolio of flooring products for golf available from BSW. The tiles are easy to install and extremely durable. They are best suitable for walkways, yet they are a good fit for other areas, too.
Areas of application
Driving Ranges und Walkways.
The version of Regupol® elastic tiles is supplied with a special EPDM top layer. The EPDM rubber granules used for the top layer are extremely colour consistent, under all kinds of weather conditions. The durability and colour stability of these tiles are as resilient and shock absorbing as the standard elastic tiles which makes them perfectly suitable in many areas of a golf club facility.
Areas of application
everroll® is the perfect floor covering for those areas where the floor is expected to withstands heavy traffic and mechanical stress such as the spike traffic through golf shoes. It reduces impact sound, it is easy on joints and ligaments and offers a high level of shock absorption.
Areas of application
For all indoor applications as caddy rooms, changing rooms, foyers as well as pro shops.