playfix® Seamless Safety Surfacing

Reliable Safety Surfacing

The seamless safety surfacing from BSW known under the name playfix® belongs to the highest quality playground coverings anywhere on the market. playfix® provides outstanding safety in connection with long service live and nearly unlimited design opportunities. playfix® is installed onsite in a semi-fluid state directly on the prepared substrate and hardens in a short time into superior elastic impact protection flooring. playfix® safety surfacing easily fits into inclines, crests and hollows in the playing surface so that, in connection with the numerous playfix® colours, imaginative and aesthetically appealing play landcapes arise. With playfix®, you can construct barrier-free playing areas in which stable surface is even suitable for wheelchair users. The rapid and professional installation made by our fitters guarantees the highest quality and permanent, low-maintenance playing areas.



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playfix® is the seamless safety surfacing, applied in situ. Its versatility is as unsurpassed as the design scope it offers. playfix® safety surfacing can be applied to smooth, curved or slanting surfaces to create diversified play environments.
Areas of application
Falling protection on playgrounds, under playground equipment, for all surfaces with a risk of sliding and injuries in schools, sports and leisure complexes, kindergartens, leisure parks and hotels.
In addition to excellent fall protection properties, playfix® structure M offers en entirely new level of design possibilities. The wear layer of EPDM mulch results in a three-dimensional fibre structure. The green tone of the natural colour character of the mulch is similar to grass, whilst the brown-beige tone looks like natural bark-chip mulch, and the red-brown tone looks like the ground of a forest.
Areas of application
For playgrounds, outdoor swimming pool surroundings, school yards, and similar outdoor areas. Wherever there is an increased risk of injury due to falls, but also fur pure design measures.
The seamless elastic surface as a visual addition to playfix® safety surfacing is called playfix® EPDM IS. It has the same surface (wear layer) but manages without the lower base layer.
Areas of application
On secondary areas in playgrounds, for example under seats, table tennis tables, for covering slanting and protruding surface, for patios.
playfix® workout is a shock-absorbing outdoor surfacing system for parkour and callisthenics. This surfacing system combines the proven fall protection properties of a seamless fall protection covering with the sport functional characteristics of the Regupol® kombi range.
Areas of application
Outdoorfitness and Streetworkout-Parks
The playfix® aqua safety surfacing provides impact protection in water play areas. The surface remains slip-resistant even when wet, and its open-pored structure is water permeable, preventing puddles from forming permanently.
Areas of application
On falling protection and secondary areas in outdoor swimming pools, as border edging for swimming baths, in water play landscapes, in and around children's pools.