Advantages of playfix® Seamless Safety Surfacing

  • Reliable and Constant Impact Protection, Slip Resistance
    Independently tested and certified impact protection values guarantee the required safety of the whole play area, even in sensitive places. The rough structure of Regupol® reduces the risk of slipping, even on damp surfaces.
  • Reasonably Priced, Economical
    Prices on a sliding scale according to types of material (rubber fibres, rubber granules, EPDM granules) allow the customer to choose the right quality for every job. In the long term Regupol® fall protection is up to 50% cheaper in comparison with loose fill materials.
  • Long-Lasting, Hard-Wearing, Weatherproof
    You can confidently assume a lifetime of ten years for our impact protection and elastic products, but frequently they perform their function for even longer – something hardly any other impact protection material can guarantee. Because Regupol® fall protection is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to mechanical impact. Plus Regupol® impact protection is weatherproof: it is completely impervious to moisture and sunlight, heat or frost.
  • Hygienic, Low on Maintenance, Easy to Clean
    Dirt and rubbish remain clearly visible on Regupol® safety surfaces and there is no chance of it getting buried. They can be cleaned quickly and easily, and there is no scope for unpleasant surprises. Loose-fill material will not get trailed across to other areas or indoors, and you won’t end up with sand in shoes or pockets. Regupol® safety surfaces are easy to sweep up with a broom, and they appreciate an occasional clean with a pressure washer.
  • Quick Laying, Quick Removal
    Regupol® fall protection and elastic floors are quick and easy to lay. Push fit fittings and adhesive bonding create reliable and durable solidity. If at any stage you decide that you do not need the surface any more, the Regupol® Safety Tiles and Regupol® Moulded Rubber Parts are easy to remove.
  • Sound-Absorbing
    It is generally the use of small sports pitches with hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete that time and again lead to noise disturbance. The elastic Regupol® surfaces provide effective help against this. They effectively deaden noise from balls, protect joints and bones because of their elasticity, and still allow the ball to rebound powerfully.
  • Water Permeable, Quick Drying
    Even after a heavy downpour it is not long before children can go out to play again on Regupol® impact protection and elastic surfaces. This is due to the material’s good water permeability and its quick-drying properties. Drainage channels on the underside of the tiles enable water to drain away quickly.
  • Versatile Designs and Applications
    Versatility with regard to applications and designs sets Regupol® fall protection apart. Whether safety surfaces on playgrounds, small sports pitches for football or streetball, whether outside or indoor halls, we have the right solution for every need and can offer 25 colours and their combinations. This allows you to make a design statement or match a surface to its surroundings.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Our products are mainly manufactured from rubber, do not seal the ground, pose no health risks, and at the end of their life can be recycled.
  • Comprehensive Pre- and After-Sales Service
    Personal consultation, individual production of material samples, special solutions, maintenance and extensions, and last but not least prompt and reliable delivery, as well as lots of other services, are all in a day’s work.