Cleaning and Maintenance

playfix® Safety Surfacing

Preliminary remarksplayfix® is very hygienic safety flooring for play areas. Its smooth, fine-pored surface vastly prevents dirt from penetrating, any refuse lying around remains on the surface so that it is immediately visible. It can therefore be cleaned with little workload, quickly and at low costs. Keep playfix® free of oil, petrol or acids because these can stain or damage the surface.
Regular cleaningFor regular cleaning of normal soiling levels we recommend cleaning with a broom or leaf blower.
Thorough cleaningStubborn extensive soiling and other residues which spoil the appearance of the surface can be removed with thorough cleaning. We recommend using a power cleaner for this purpose (caution, do not use a rotating nozzle). This warrants above all that the joints and pores are cleaned. There is no need to use any kind of detergent.
Removing stains Really severe soiling and stains should be removed straight away as far as possible, because certain substances can settle in the surface and become difficult to remove or get rid of completely. Remove fresh stains with a brush, then wipe the surface down with clear water or use the power cleaner.

Please always consult BSW before cleaning the surface. Minor repairs or improvements are possible.

The company Sandmaster offers you a professional intensive cleaning of your playfix® safety surface.