Efficiency and Long-Life Cycle

Cost Comparison playfix and Sand

Cost Comparison playfix® - Sand

Many safety surfaces have loose fall protection covering. At first glance, creating this kind of safety surface appears significantly more cost-effective. However, if you consider the maintenance cost over the years, you realise that the expense of maintaining loose materials is tremendous. playfix® guarantees a permanent and consistent standard of fall protection for minimal maintenance costs.

The diagram shows long term costs of playfix® compared to sand. The underlying costs for playfix® are based on averages, as the costs for playfix® depends on lots of factors, such as the size and colour of the area and the height from which falls have to be protected.

UV Resistance

playfix with discoloration

The influence of UV radiation can cause a discoloration of the micrometre-thin bonding agent layer on the top of diverse solid-coloured EPDM granules. This effect may give, for example, blue EPDM granules a greenish look or light grey EPDM granules can discolour brownish. However, the discoloration does not affect the properties of the material. Under normal use the colours come through at their full intensity. At the edges where there is generally less usage, the discoloring can be visible for up to 1.5 years.

playfix without discoloration

In order to avoid this temporary discoloration it is possible to use an almost completely UV-resistant bonding agent. This method almost completely prevents the bonding agent layer from discoloration and the colours shine “crystal clear”. We recommend the use of a UV-resistant bonding agent for the application of the following EPDM colours: Blue, Lila, Bright Yellow, Eggshell, White, Grey, Middle Grey, Bright Red, Pink and Beige.