playfix® aqua

Product Details

playfix® aqua has been specially developed for use in wet areas and does not emit any harmful substances to chlorinated swimming pool water. playfix® aqua is available both with or without impact protection properties, and in 25 colours and their combinations.

Technical Details

MaterialWear layer consisting of solid-coloured EPDM granules mixed with a PU bonding agent; base layer consisting of rubber granules mixed with a PU bonding agent (only playfix® aqua with impact protection properties)
CompositionDual-layer construction consisting of wear layer and elastic base layer.
Wear layer: thickness 10 mm
Elastic base layer: thickness 35 - 120 mm (only playfix® aqua with impact protection features).
InstallationOn bound/unbound sub-bases according to DIN 18035-6. Installation only by skilled BSW technicians. See Installation Instructions
ColoursMany colours and their combinations, more information: BSW Flooring Designer
Slip ResistanceComplies with evaluation group of slip resistance R11. Certified by DGUV.
Application AreasSurrounding outdoor swimming pools where there is an increased risk of injury through falling.
Protection hightup to 1,36 m = 35 + 10 mm
up to 1,73 m = 50 + 10 mm
up to 1,90 m = 65 + 10 mm
up to 2,33 m = 75 + 10 mm
up to 2,50 m = 85 + 10 mm
up to 3,00 m = 120 + 10 mm