playfix® workout

Product Details

In addition, there are practially endless design possibilities that provide owners and operators with new opportunities. Fine tuned logos and lettering can be applied and even complex training scenarios are possible. playfix® workout is also avaiable as a single-layer system. This product has been developed in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of freeletics and callisthenics equipment.

Technical Details

MaterialWear layer consisting of solid-coloured EPDM granules mixed with a PU bonding agent; base layer consisting of rubber granules mixed with a PU bonding agent (only playfix® workout with impact protection properties).
CompositionDual-layer construction consisting of wear layer and elastic base layer.
Wear layer: thickness 10 mm
Elastic base layer: thickness 35 - 120 mm (only playfix® workout with impact protection features).
ColoursMany colours and their combinations, more information: BSW Flooring Designer
Areas of ApplicationOutdoorfitness and Streetworkout-Parks
Slip Resistance0.69 μ under dry conditions, ideal balance between anti-slip properties and typical, sport functional sliding properties. Complies with evaluation group R10 (R11 available as an option). Certified by DGUV.
Relative Wear ResistancerV = 10.3
InstallationSee Installation Instructions
Protection hightup to 1,36 m = 35 + 10 mm
up to 1,73 m = 50 + 10 mm
up to 1,90 m = 65 + 10 mm
up to 2,33 m = 75 + 10 mm
up to 2,50 m = 85 + 10 mm
up to 3,00 m = 120 + 10 mm