playfix® workout

Installation Instruction

Preparing the Sub-Base

The surfaces required for playfix® workout are identical to those for Regupol® Safety and Elastic Tiles. playfix® workout can be laid on both bound and unbound sub-bases. Care should be taken to ensure that over a distance of 4 m, the difference in level does not exceed 10 mm. The unbound sub-base must be compacted to ensure that it is stable and crush-resistant. When laying playfix® workout on top of existing surfaces, irregularities must be levelled out. Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure an adequate shear strenght and frost resistance.

Edge Restraint

Before installing playfix® workout the surface should be enclosed by a restraint. We recommend the elastic
Regupol® Edging Elements.


Both layers of playfix® workout – the lower base layer and the upper coloured wear layer – are applied in a semi-fluid state in situ onto the prepared area. This work can only be carried out by BSW or an authorised agent as installation requires experience and professional expertise.