Indoor play areas where playground surfaces are required can be found in indoor playgrounds, kindergartens, shopping malls and so on. However, conventional safety flooring is designed for outdoor surfaces, and their porous surface structure is not suitable for indoor cleaning methods.

playfix® indoor made by BSW fulfils all impact protection requirements and also has a homogeneous, easy-to-clean wear layer. playfix® indoor thus is the best choice for indoor playground surfaces.

The toddlers play area in the Ketteler Hof's indoor play centre.
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The toddlers play area at the Kettler Hof adventure park.
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playfix® indoor seamless safety surfacing for indoor playgrounds
The “Pumuckl-Kinderland” at the Segmüller furniture store.
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An indoor safety flooring in the play area of a furniture store.
The cellar maze at the Segmüller furniture store in Pulheim, Germany.
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A play ship in at the Segmüller furniture store.
This play ship is surrounded by playfix® indoor, the seamless safety flooring.
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An indoor playground at Munich's airport
A familiy and children's zone covered with playfix® indoor at Munich's airport. More information
PUR seamless safety flooring playfix® indoor at Munich's airport
Indoor playground with Alpine flair at Munich's airport. More information
playfix® indoor: A space-themed playground for children
playfix® indoor: A space-themed children's adventure world in a shopping mall.
playfix® indoor at Frankfurt Airport
playfix® indoor with planets at the Fraport
playfix® indoor with numbers
playfix® indoor playground surface with numbers.
playfix® stuttgart Olgahospital
Play area with playfix® indoor
playfix® indoor Olgahospital Stuttgart
Kids playing on childen's playground equipped with playfix® indoor
playfix® indoor, Riem Arcaden, Munich
Playground surfaces with playfix® indoor.
playfix® indoor at Riem Arcaden, Munich
Playground surfaces covered with playfix® indoor.
playfix® indoor, safety flooring for indoor applications.
playfix® indoor used as playground surface in a shopping mall in Leipzig, Germany.
playfix® indoor at a kindergarten, Germany
playfix® indoor at a kindergarten in Germany.
playfix® indoor: an impact protection flooring for indoor applications
playfix® indoor is the impact protection surface for indoor appliactions.