Regupol® Playground Tiles - Playground Mats

Safety surfacing is essential on every children’s playground. Planners and playground operators must decide which safety floor provides the most effective protection, whilst at the same time taking economic and design factors into account. DIN EN 1177:2008 tested and certified, Regupol® Safety Tiles from BSW guarantee reliable safety in this area. The price and durability of our playground mats results in huge long term cost savings in the area of playground maintenance. And finally, the various designs that characterise Regupol® Safety Tiles offer every architect and landscape planner the right solution for every situation. Thousands of playgrounds, small playing fields and other recreational areas all over the world have been fitted with Regupol® playground tiles / playground mats and impact protection products over the last 30 years.

The Regupol® Safety Tile EPDM is a playground tile that combines reliable functionality with a first-class appearance. They offer the same fall-protection values as our Regupol® Safety Tiles FX, and are available in many different intensive colours. You can procure our EPDM playground tile in 26 different colours.
Areas of application
As playground tile on children's playgrounds, outdoor swimming pool surrounds, schoolyards etc. and wherever there is an increased injury risk from falling.
Regupol® Safety Tiles FXM have a colourfully structuredsurface made from EPDM rubber material. Their appearancerecalls bark mulch or low-growth vegetation. Regupol® Safety Tiles FXM are available in beige-brown and various shades of green. The vivid surface-structure of this playground mat copies organic shapes and is suitable for areas that should have a natural look. Even exposure to sunlight results in minimal fading of the material’s colours.
Areas of application
As playground mat on children's playgrounds, in open-air swimming pools, school yards etc. Wherever there is an increased injury risk from falling and playground tiles are required.