Only many years of experience guarantee the requisite properties that put our products at the top end of the quality scale of comparable products manufactured by other suppliers. In our fall protection products this quality is reflected above all in their reliable impact protection values, their resistance and their durability.

The materials from which our fall protection and elastic products are made are subject to constant quality controls. The surfaces of our products are made of high quality EPDM granules. These are blended in our factory with the binding agent polyurethane, compacted and pressed into the well-known Regupol tiles. Rubber granulate raw materials serve as backfilling. The quality of the raw materials, their purity, the special mixing ratio of EPDM rubber and binder as well as the degree of compression and the subsequent packaging are the essential quality factors of the end product.

EPDM Granules

EPDM Granules

EPDM is synthetic rubber. It has the same functional characteristics as rubber-based granules but is solid-coloured and extremely low in emissions. We use EPDM granules as decorative surfaces for our impact protection and elastic flooring. Our range comprises 26 colours and their combinations. 

Beige-braunes EPDM

EPDM Fibers

Our EPDM fibers with a colored structured surface are reminiscent of bark mulch or low vegetation. This creates a natural character. Our EPDM fibers have the same properties as our EPDM granulate, they just have a different look.