Quality and Safety

Safety surfacing is essential on every children’s playground. Planners and playground operators must decide which safety floor provides the most effective protection, whilst at the same time taking economic and design factors into account.

DIN EN 1177:2008 tested and certified Regupol® impact protection surfaces and elastic floors from BSW guarantee reliable safety in this area. The price and durability of our products results in huge long term cost savings in the area of playground maintenance. And finally, the various designs that characterise Regupol® impact protection offer every architect and landscape planner the right solution for every situation. 

Logo Chemo-Test

Tested for Heavy Metals

Using Regupol® safety surfacing and elastic products on children’s playgrounds means that you do not need to worry about contamination from heavy metals and arsenic. This is guaranteed not just by ourselves, but more importantly by the independent Chemo-Test GmbH test institute.

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TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) – Fall Protection Test

Reliable impact protection values, independently assessed and confirmed in accordance with DIN EN 1177. All guaranteed by the TÜV seal of approval. Therefore, you can see that we take safety seriously. We do not claim anything that we can not prove.

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Original Regupol®

On the underside of our Regupol® Safety and Elastic Tiles you will find this imprinted quality seal. Regupol® is the material from which we manufacture our impact protection and elastic products. Regupol® stands for decades of experience, tested quality, first-class raw materials, environmental friendliness and a long product life.

Diagram Maximum Fall Height Regupol Safty Tiles

Tested Safety in Line with DIN EN 1177:2008

The DIN EN 1177:2008 standard defines the procedure for verifying the impact protection properties of a floor and stipulates the limit up to which no serious injuries might be expected upon impact. Regupol® fall protection surfaces are tested in accordance to these standards and meet their requirements. The value that determines the risk of injury is termed the Head Injury Criterion (HIC). It must not exceed 1,000. The impact protection values of our Regupol® Safety Tiles are certified according to TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) safety standards. In addition, our laboratory carries out regular checks to ensure that the quality remains consistent. At the same time we make sure that our laboratory tests exceed the required values so that potential anomalies do not lead to problems in situ. A point to note: BSW has one of the most modern testing facilities in the world.