Anti-Slip Mats for Securing Loads

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats increases the friction between the loading surface and the load

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats for Securing Loads

The Regupol® Anti-Slip Mat is an important component of loading safety. Simply placing the slip-preventing mats underneath loads considerably reduces the outlay for loading safety.

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Regupol® Tools for Securing Loads

Besides anti-slip mats, BSW has other aids for loading safety: Regupol® RHM Square Timber and Regupol® Webbing Protectors. The interplay of the three components ensures professional load transportation.

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BSW offers a wide spectrum of service features in addiction to its Anti-Slip Mats: Regupol® easy LaSi Software, Regupol® easy LaSi Card, the 100-page manual on loading safety, usage instructions, etc.

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Regupol® easy LaSi Software

With the free Regupol® easy LaSi Software package, load safety can be calculated and documented quickly and straightforwardly. Data is entered directly on the interactive website and the result appears immediately.

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