Regupol sound 12 for Impact Sound Insulation

Stuttgart is not only the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. With more than 610,000 inhabitants, it's also the largest city in south-west Germany and one of the densely populated with almost 3,000 inhabitants per square kilometre.

It is not just the varied and exciting architecture from several centuries that presents architects and builders of new buildings in the city with major challenges, but planners also find the city's topography taxing, due to the differences in altitude along the inclined terrain of the city. In addition, densely populated urban areas, especially with up-scale real estate, requires compliance with structural building regulations.

This was the case, for example, with the new construction and renovation of a former office building on the busy Hauptstätter Strasse at the southern edge of the city centre. Stuttgart-based Schwarz Architekten were commissioned with the design of the building complex. The new usage concept provides for the construction of 47 comfortable, town house-like, owner-occupied apartments on the upper floors, a retail store on the ground floor, and just under 200 parking bays in the underground garage.

The use of the approximately 1,000 m² area of the ground floor by the food discounter made certain measures necessary in view of the corresponding requirements of German standard DIN 4109:1989-11 "sound insulation in buildings". The architects selected a floor structure using Regupol sound 12 impact sound insulation, produced by Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH (BSW), to guarantee good impact and structureborne sound protection from the floor of the sales area to the apartments above.

An impact sound inspection and assessment by Kurz und Fischer GmbH, engineering consultants, showed that the impact sound insulation measured of the tested floor of the storage area (returna-bles handling room) on the ground floor to the apartment above meets the building law requirements for retail stores.

The measured and evaluated standard impact sound level L’n,w ≤ 22 dB is very good and even considerably better than the required value req. L’n,w ≤ 43 dB according to DIN 4109. The level is also well below the intended better impact sound protection with possible early deliveries or filling shelves with goods outside opening hours etc. of L’n,w ≤ 33 dB.

The use of Regupol sound 12 impact sound insulation made achieving these very good values possible. The 17 mm-thick PUR elastomer composite insulating plate with laminated foil on one side was laid on the reinforced concrete ceiling and then a reinforced concrete plate with concrete core activation and ceramic vibration coating was installed.

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