Why do I have to heed sound insulation?

Standard DIN 4109 stipulates the regulations for sound insulation in buildings and has similar significance to thermal protection and fire safety. The standard describes the requirements and necessary verification. Sound insulation requirements are stipulated to protect people inside buildings from unacceptable disturbance and disruption from transmitted sound, thus preventing corresponding health hazards. The standard also stipulates the necessary procedures for protection from outside noise and from noise generated by machinery and equipment used for the technical installations and systems in buildings. It describes not only how to protect inside rooms from noise transmitted from other residential or occupational areas inside the building but also defines so-called minimum requirements made of structure-borne noise insulation and impact sound insulation. It therefore marks the boundary between what is unacceptable and reasonable in terms of health protection. Sound insulation in buildings applies in general to residential buildings, but also in particular to schools, libraries, hospitals, public buildings, office buildings, hotels and other places offering accommodation, in order to warrant the corresponding intended use. Failure to comply with the sound insulation requirements leads to construction defaults with corresponding compensation claims.