How do I install a floating machine foundation insulation?

Regufoam® and Regupol® as machine foundation isolation

Basically the material and thickness of the elastomer layer depends on the acting superimposed load and on the intended degree of structure-borne noise insulation.

The resilient bedding for machine foundations will only be effective on compliance with certain requirements during installation. These include in particular making sure that there are no direct connections (structure-borne noise bridges) between the foundations and the subsoil respectively base plate. It is also important to ensure that there is a smooth, flat surface to the base plate or foundation plate where Regufoam® or Regupol® is going to be laid.

For full-surface machine foundation isolation, Regufoam® or Regupol® is laid across the whole surface of the foundation plate / base plate. The joints between the mats are taped down with adhesive tape which acts as a seal and prevents the mats from slipping. To reduce the risk of leaks when laying the materials in several layers, each layer should be laid offset from the previous one so that the joints are not directly over each other.

The mats are cut to size at the edges of the foundation plates on site using a sharp knife. After installation, the mats are also covered with a commercially available PE foil (0.2 mm). The foil should be laid with an overlap of approx. 20 cm so that the materials are imperviously covered. At the edges, the foil should protrude by 15 – 20 cm for additional protection at the edges of the insulating materials.

Regufoam® and Regupol® are insensitive to moisture. However, Regufoam® must be protected from penetrating water and frost as the required structure-borne noise isolation properties of Regufoam® are no longer warranted in frozen state as this makes the material hard. Regufoam® must therefore be protected from penetrating moisture. During installation, the insulating materials are positioned vertically at the edges and are taped with adhesive tape. The PE foil is raised at the sides.