playfix® indoor Safety Surfacing & Flooring

Indoor play areas are becoming increasingly popular. However, conventional safety flooring is designed for outdoor surfaces, and their porous surface structure is not suitable for indoor cleaning methods. With playfix® indoor BSW has developed a floor covering that fulfils all impact protection requirements up to 2.10 metres, and also has a homogeneous, easy-to-clean wear layer. playfix® indoor consists of soft sheets, which are sealed with a liquid, quick-hardening PUR surface. As the surface was developed on the basis of our flooring range for sports hall floors, it is extremely robust and durable, besides being slip-resistant and available in a wide range of colours. It is easy to add wording, lines and symbols using our equally durable PUR paint. BSW is the only manufacturer which offers this type of indoor safety flooring.
Areas of application
Reliable falling protection on all indoor play areas, in indoor sports courts and on all inside areas with an increased risk of injury from falling.